Winter Dream Photo Tours Iceland

11 Mar Winter Dream Photo Tours Iceland



Presently in iceland just finished my Dream Photo Tours. I absolutely loved my experience and met a bunch of beautiful people that truly touched my heart. I will miss all of you guys heart emoticon Recently visited with them a location that I really love. Vesturhorn, Iceland ..Obviously, this is the same location from one of my recent post. It was a real treat to witness this location with the mountain covered in snow. Once again, this is a quick edit of me immersed in this dreamy location. The real pics will be coming once I return home. Excited to also have the opportunity to team up with the guys from now to do a little more exploring and end this exciting adventure with a Reykjavik photo walk on March 15th. If you are in the area we would really love to meet up with you guys. Check the Facebook event here for more details:
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