Nature’s Best Photography Interview

08 Jun Nature’s Best Photography Interview

During the past few weeks I have received numerous questions by email and private messages regarding my views on photography and how did I get where I am today. I am presently having trouble answering all the questions so I have decided to share this interview video of mine that I had created for Nature’s Best Photography after I had won the Video of the Year Award. The winning video was then shown at the Smithsonian National History Museum for an entire year.

I know this won’t answer all your questions but hoping it can at least answer a few. 🙂

Grateful for your time my friends ? <3

As you can see in this video, I am proudly wearing tentree apparel. A Canadian clothing company that I am very happy to support. Not only do they have beautiful quality apparel that I can sincerely relate with but the simple fact that these guys really care about nature makes it the perfect fit for me. They have based their business model around planting ten trees for every single item sold. How incredible is that?

I am not only very proud to be associated with them but also truly honored. We definitely need more companies like tentree which motto is to give back and make the world a better place.