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Giving Back to Nature

Mission Statement

As a human being, I personally think that it is imperative that we give back. Give back to our community, to a charity we believe in, to our planet, in other words, give back any which way we can. I, myself, have had the distinct privilege as a professional nature photographer to travel to some of the most beautiful places on Earth and witness the stunning beauty and fragility of our planet. It is for those reasons and for future generations to experience what I was fortunate enough to witness,  that I have created the Give Back to Nature project. 

Following the footsteps of the great Canadian company Tentree, Give Back to Nature‘s first goal will be to help plant One Million Trees in developing countries, thus rebuilding the natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation. By contributing to this project, you will help give back in many exciting ways:


• Help recreate healthy forest systems that will preserve wildlife habitat and endangered species
• Purify water sources
• Control flooding and erosion
• Help replenish the soil with nutrients needed for farming
• Improve air quality
• Stave off climate change 


We will directly help the villages and communities which are suffering from extreme poverty by employing villagers to plant these trees. When farmers cannot grow anything, their farms fail and they have no option but to move to the overcrowded cities to look for work. Oftentimes they must resort to selling themselves or their families into slavery just to survive. Let’s make sure this does not happen. We all have the power to Give Back, empower people, restore hope, reduce poverty and allow them to support their families.  

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Meaning behind the Logo 

The large tree represents the magnitude of the problem, the decay of nature, the lack of resources and the poverty in those countries. The hands represent us, and with our love, we will create life, hope, empower people and restore a greener world.

How will the trees be planted? 

I am extremely happy and honored to have entered into a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, one of the top nonprofit organizations that plant millions of trees every year. Over the years, they have quickly become the perfect model for environmental restoration and land management. Eden reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. I am eager to join them this year and travel on-site to capture, document their plantations and meet the local communities working on restoring healthy forests where poverty is rampant.

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