Hope of Deliverance – Mt-Megantic, Quebec

06 Oct Hope of Deliverance – Mt-Megantic, Quebec

Hope-Of-Deliverance - Megantic_Quebec

Sometimes I feel we live in a world that is slowly turning us into zombies. We spend countless hours on social medias wishing we were someone else or somewhere else. We keep judging our lives and who we are in relation to other people’s post. We spend countless hours watching TV Shows or movies with “no soul”. Shows that beside making sure we are unproductive or should I say “entertained”, have absolutely no other goals. Most of them hardly brings us any positive feelings, emotions or motivations to be better at what we do or who we are as humans. Unfortunately, many of us get trapped into this only to realize after a few years that we are exactly at the same point we were years ago and wonder why. Worst is, after pondering on that for a short while, we quickly start the same pattern again and again. It almost looks like all this has been conceived on purpose in order to make sure we dont think too much, we don’t ask too many questions, we don’t have faith in or even worst don’t have any goals and dreams at all. In other words, making sure we live our lives like zombies. We constantly create ourselves material needs, consume more than we should and think we have no control whatsoever over what is going on in our lives. I personally think that the problem is not the world we live. It would be too easy to blame everything on it.

I Think The Main Problem is…..We forgot how to think!!

The second we have a minute to spare we immediately connect to whatever device we can to make sure we fill in that gap. And this goes on all day until we can barely keep our eyes open. When is the last time you took time uninterrupted, with no distractions, with only a pen and a paper? Took the time to think of things you would like to change or happen in your life, write them down and think of ideas on how you could accomplish them. Don’t question them just write them down. It does not matter how silly they might sound at first, these ideas might trigger bigger and better ideas down the road. By doing this daily practice, you will quickly realize that:

– You do have more control over your life that you thought possible.
– You do have the power to become better person.
– You can make this world a better place for you and others.

As soon as you start doing this, you will immediately feel better about yourself and this will radiate towards others giving them the energy they need to do exactly the same. The best way to inspire others is not by our words but by our actions. Again I will end this post by sharing one amazing quote by the great Mahatma Ghandi

“ Let’s Be the change we want to see in the world”

Image Title: Hope of Deliverance
Location: Mt-Megantic, Quebec, Canada, Sépaq – Parcs Québec
Tech Spec: Canon 5dsR with Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens – 16mm – 1.3 Sec – F13 – ISO 100
Lucroit 100mm Holder
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