Path to Freedom

28 Nov Path to Freedom


I Have recently read this beautiful text from Molly Carpentier, a french girl from Quebec and did my best to translate it so you guys can also enjoy it. I definitely connected on so many levels with this incredible text. Congratulation for your incredible text have no idea how many people you have inspired with this. I sure was 😉 Hope you will too <3
I decided to quit school,
and bought a one-way ticket.
This almost gave my parents a heart attack.
All alone, I left to the discover the world.
These were the most beautiful days of my life.
6 months after, I came back …

When you leave, everything is beautiful. Obviously, you encounter pitfalls along the way. But in general, life is better there. You have been away for so long that in your head you will never come back. And one day, for various reasons, you need to go back home. Sad to leave but at the same time happy about the thought of you mother’s home-cooked meal. When you come back everyone’s interested and happy to see you. You’re telling all your stories and anecdotes. It really makes you feel like you’re still there. But time passes and the thought of a home-cooked meal does not excite you as much anymore. People start finding that you repeat yourself and worse they’ll tell you ” get over it, you’ve been back for a while now”. That’s when you start feeling blue. You stop feeling at home in your own home. You’ll soon realize that you’ve changed. The only problem is that you have changed but your life here and your loved ones haven’t. There are also some that will disappear from your life without you noticing it. You’re going to feel like a stranger in your own home. Nobody will understand you so they’ll keep telling you that you’re making a big deal out of it. But deep down, you are hurting inside. You’ve met so many people on your journey but you had to say goodbye to all of them. You initially left trying to find yourself and came back feeling worst than before. You just want to leave again. Because it’s when you are away that you feel good. Working 40 hours a week, have a family, a beautiful house and a dog is definitely not your goal in life. You prefer watching and impressive meteor shower in the jungle, taste new local dishes, learn a new language, see flamingos on the edge of the highway, go swim naked on a full moon, Canoeing in the middle of the sea at sunset, drinking good beer on top of a mountain watching one of the biggest cities in the world, in short you prefer accumulating memories rather than numbers in your bank account. All you want is to be happy. In your journey, you realized that money really does not create your happiness. You want to live your life differently. You want to live it your way without following the so-called norm. You’ve seen so many wonderful things that you want to see even more. You are an addict and traveling became your drug. You’ll simply never have enough. But you need to cheer up because in the end, it is a beautiful, infinite world and it’s waiting for you.

– Molly Carpentier

Di Fruscia Photography
Title: Path to Freedom
Location: Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada
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