I am very proud and honoured to be affiliated with Canon Canada Inc. Since the dawn of the digital era, I have learned my craft using cameras such as the Canon 20D, Canon 5D and Canon 5D Mark II. I have taken some of my greatest work using the Canon 5D MK II and was very fortunate to have some of these images displayed by many prestigious companies such as National Geography, Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

I have used cameras from other manufacturers in the past but always ended up feeling that something was missing. This is something that I have a hard time explaining but I have learned to love the look and feel of my photography when taken with Canon gear. So after a brief trip using other known manufacturers equipment, I quickly knew that I needed to get back with Canon pronto.

I now know for a fact that by using Canon gear, I have in my possession some of the finest equipment any photographer can ask for in order to produce top quality images at all times. This permits me to focus entirely on my creativity and worry less about equipment performance or malfunctions. Being a Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer, I often have demands for very large prints. I am extremely excited that Canon has now finally realized one of my dreams by coming out with the new anticipated Canon 5DSR. This outstanding piece of equipment now allows me to have the ability to produce incredibly detailed images and fulfill most of my customers expectations by producing stellar fine art prints. Canon have always been amongst the leaders in the photography industry for decades and I sincerely believe that this won’t change any time soon.

F-Stop Bag Layout with Canon Photography / Video Equipment