Formatt Hi-Tech / Firecrest

Formatt Hi-Tech Firecrest High Quality Photography filters, holders, adaptors and Promo Code.

I have tried various filters and filter holders and the main requirements I look for when adopting a brand is Top Quality, Support and Availability of products when needed. Formatt Hitech and their Firecrest line definitely satisfied my needs in all of these aspects. Their Firecrest filters are simply the best filters any photographer or Movie maker can ask for. Being a landscape photographer, I have ruined filters on more than one occasion and when this happens, the last thing I want is having to wait 6 months for a filter that is out of stock. They always have what I need and when I need it. Innovating in filters and filter holders, they make sure they possess almost anything a professional photographer could ask for. I highly recommend the Formatt Hitech Filters.

The folks at Formatt Hi-tech were generous enough to supply me with my own 10% off promo code applicable on any purchase on both their U.S. and UK stores. Simply apply the code in the appropriate box upon check out.

Formatt Hi-tech 10% Off promo code:   FRUSCIA10

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