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After teaming up with 3eJoueur my web creation team, my next step was obviously to look for a reputable and reliable web hosting company that would give me exactly what I needed. As a professional photographer, you can probably imagine that quality comes first. I always look for the same quality in all the people are partner with. As you can see, my website is quit elaborate and will get even more within the next year. Me and my team have put so much time and effort into this project that the last thing I wanted is for my visitors whole experience to be tarnished by hosting it on a mediocre hosting company.

I have had miserable experiences with some of them which I will not name but I promised myself that this won’t happen again. So after researching on that matter and consulting my partners from 3eJoueur, We have come to the conclusion that SiteGround would definitely be part of the top hosting companies I can choose to partner with that will offer me complete peace of mind. Now I have a website that loads faster, with innovative ways to keep it safe and lightning fast support if needed. Truly excited that such a reputable company with strong ethics agreed to partner with me.

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