Soar Above it All

28 Jun Soar Above it All

When it seems you are stuck in the turmoil of life and feel like it keeps finding ways of pushing you down, Don’t you give up, Don’t you give up, Don’t you give up. This is your time, this is your moment. Push the negative thoughts aside, Whatever it takes, you got that in you. Will it be easy, NO!, Will you make mistakes, YES! Will you get hurt, Oh YES!! But I promise you one thing, It will sure be worth it!! Nothing will hurt as much as the feeling of regrets. Stay Strong and Soar Above it all – You do make a difference ❤

Title: Soar Above It All
Location: Iceland
Get the Print – Make a Difference ❤?❤
The “Soar Above it All” print is now also available for purchase and part of my Give Back to Nature promotion
– You get a min of 50% off The print size of your choice
– 3 Sizes Available ( 50x25in – 40x20in – 30x15in)
– 150 – 500 trees will be planted in areas ravaged by deforestation
– Days of work will be created for villagers in impoverished countries
– Certificate of Authenticity
– Certificate of Appreciation stating the number of trees planted because of your purchase.
– Personalized handwritten note by the artist
– Custom size available upon requests

Get the print here: