09 Apr Something To Believe In – Lake Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada


I recently got asked, “What is the single biggest mistake you have made in your life?” Took me a little while to answer this one and could not come up with an answer. I kept going back in my life and thought about all those moments where I thought I literally screwed things up only to realize an hour, or a year afterwards that these weren’t mistakes at all. All these so called mistakes were actually blessings in disguise. I can sincerely say that my mistakes were and still are the best life coach I could ever ask for.

  • They made me realize that no matter how much I stress over things I do not control, It will never affect the outcome in a positive way, as a matter of fact, it will only make it worst.
  • They made me appreciate the people or things in my life instead of focusing on what I don’t have.
  • They made me realize that impatience always leads to no good.
  • They made me realize that most of my fears were nothing more than small pebbles in my shoes..Very uncomfortable but once removed, very trivial.
  • They made me realize that no matter how much I wish to be someone else, I will always be my one and only self and to be proud of that. In other words, they all made me a better man.


I know that some of you might be able to share with me mistakes that you simply cannot find a positive outlook from but I am sure you will agree that you can on most of them. If you are presently thinking you have just made a big mistake in your life, instead of making things worst by dwelling over it, Try asking yourself..What can I learn from this that will make me a better person? Who needs to spend money on a life coach really…lets just keep making mistakes.. They’re free!!! (well sometimes they are) In the end the important thing is to remember this famous quote from an unknown author : “You can’t make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake. It’s a choice.” So I advise you to learn quickly !! Wishing you all a beautiful week full of mistakes.